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Tips to Decide the Right Walk-In Tub

Taking a bath should be a relaxing and refreshing experience, especially after a long day at work. However, stepping over the wall of a traditional bathtub can be difficult for people with mobility restrictions. A walk-in tub is an appropriate solution to this problem as they generally have doors, making it easier to access it. You can always count on Caledon Tile, Bath & Kitchen Centre to provide you with quality walk-in tubs.

We provide a full range of home renovation services, including kitchen and bathroom renovations. We also provide various products, such as porcelain tiles and kitchen and bathroom fixtures that can improve your home. Let’s count down some tips to keep in mind while selecting a walk-in tub.

Do Thorough Research

There are various types of walk-in tubs offering a variety of features and functionality. Although it’s smart to research products and prices online, it’s best to actually visit the store for an up close and personal look before going for a purchase. Whether you end up making an online or in-store purchase, the more information you have at your hand, the better prepared you will be to make the right choice.

The Material of Your Walk-In Tub

It’s important to know the material that is used to make your walk-in tub. Is it fibreglass or is it acrylic? How is the quality of the material? We are ready to answer these questions and more, so feel free to talk to our showroom personnel today.

Know Exactly What You Need

Do you require an all-in-one option, including hand-held showers and built-in grab bars? Are additional features, such as in-line heaters, air massages, jets and hydrotherapy on your list? Are you on a deadline? Identifying what you need for your walk-in tub will filter out any irrelevant styles making easier to choose.

Set a Budget

There is a big range of walk-in tubs, from simple models to luxury baths with hydrotherapy to whirlpool features. Select a model that offers both functionality and glamour.

We Can Help

Caledon Tile, Bath & Kitchen Centre offers sales and expert installation of walk-in tubs from reliable manufacturers so that you can safely enjoy your bath. Our walk-in tubs are designed in a low-entry step manner to meet your comfort. If you need guidance or advice on aspects of kitchen and bathroom renovations, our expert technicians will be happy to help. Our expert technicians can also guide you in various aspects of kitchen and bathroom renovations. Call us and we will help you choose the most appropriate walk-in tub for your needs.


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