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Update Your Space with Tiles and Flooring in Caledon, Brampton & surrounding area

When it comes to flooring for your home, tiles are one of the most popular types of materials to use, both inside and outdoors. They are used to create the desired ambience to enhance the aesthetics of your home. The overall durability of tile flooring in Caledon makes it a material that both looks good and can stand the test of time. Whether you only want to renovate one room in your house or the entire home, Caledon Tile Bath & Kitchen Centre offers tile that will look great in your bathroom, kitchen and throughout your home. This versatile building material is a great alternative to other types of building materials. Keep reading to learn more about the different kinds of tile we offer and the ways tile can enhance your home.

Ways to display flooring tiles in Brampton

To add dimension, texture, and colour to your wall, choose tiles over wallpaper. Tiles not only give a different look but can also let you have a unique design. There are a number of different ways to incorporate tile into your home. Not only can you put tiles on your floor, but they can also be placed on your walls in certain parts of your home. Here are some of the places tiling can be placed and why it’s better than other types of flooring, like wood:


  • Kitchen floors: floor tiling is a lot easier to clean up messes, which seem to happen more frequently in the kitchen.

  • Bathroom floors: like messes in the kitchen, tiles in a bathroom are great at repelling water, which surfaces like wood absorb and get damaged by.

  • Kitchen backsplash: placed against the wall of the cooking area, a backsplash makes grime and buildup caused by cooking easier to get off.

  • Front porch: if your porch is exposed to the elements, then you will want a material that repels things like water and dirt. Tile is perfect for just such a task.

  • Entryways: putting tile in an entryway is a great way to make an easy clean-up of guests tracking dirt or mud inside.


Advantages of Different Types of Tile Flooring in Caledon

Different types of tile flooring in Caledon have certain advantages over other types of materials, and even among other tiles.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tile flooring is strong, adaptive, and aesthetically pleasing. As the same clay-fired material used for body armour for police and the military, ceramic tile can withstand bearing heavy loads. It is usually not as expensive as porcelain tile but just as durable, and can become virtually waterproof with the application of grout. Additionally, it can be used for surfaces both indoors and outdoors, and installation is relatively quick.

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles look more visually pleasing in places like bathrooms and kitchens and are scratch-resistant due to the greater density of the clay used to make them, which also gives them a shine. In addition, porcelain tiles are a selling point, and will increase the value of your home if you ever decide to sell. Maintenance of porcelain tile is minimal once it’s installed.

Stone Tiles

Stone tiles are another long-lasting, easy-to-maintain kind of tile that you can add to your home. Previously popular in kitchens and hallways, stone tiles are finding their way into bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms. Stone tiles can also help add warm colours to a room that lacks visual aesthetic. While the life of some flooring material is measured in years and decades, stone tiles can be measured in centuries. And because most of the material for stone slabs comes naturally, they are environmentally-friendly.

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