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Kitchen and Bathroom Fixtures

Quality Kitchen Fixtures and Shower Faucets in Brampton

When you renovate your home, you tend to spend a lot of money purchasing bathroom and kitchen accessories. The little personal touches, like the bathroom faucet that you touch multiple times a day or the kitchen cupboard handles that you grab for when you need to set the table for dinner or grab a glass for cocktail hour? How do you decide what works and what doesn’t when it comes to picking bathroom and kitchen fixtures for your Brampton home? Here are a few things to think about when it comes to adding new fixtures, whether you’re doing something like a full bathroom renovation or just looking for a way to do a quick kitchen update without breaking the bank.

Budget vs Value

We all wish that we could build our dream kitchen or bathroom but something the budget just won’t allow for it. There are ways of getting what you want without feeling like you’re compromising too much. Think about what you’ve always wanted to have and do a little research, ask your local bath and kitchen centre expert, or even ask friends with similar taste what they liked or what they’d wished they’d done when doing their renovations. Think about added value in terms of how long your fixtures will last, both in long-term resilience and look, and make sure you know what materials are on the inside of fixtures, not just what the coating is. There are environmentally friendly options, such as a water saving, low-flow faucets that will give you savings over time.

Personality and Design

Typically keeping to a single design theme throughout a room is best when it comes to design (unless a mismatched look is something you’re going for) but you’re going to be the one looking at and spending time in your space so you want to make sure you’re happy with how it looks. Fixtures and hardware are an easy way to insert some personality without breaking the bank or creating something that will feel outdated in a few years. Pick out some funky handles or a statement light fixture to draw the eye and start conversations. Let your taste and your persona shine through, whether that means brass fixtures and handles throughout your bathroom or a funky yet elegant mix and match style of different metals for your kitchen.

Functionality and Use of Space

Another thing to consider when choosing your bathroom or kitchen fixtures is its functionality within your space. Don’t have a big kitchen or bathroom? Consider a single-handle faucet or something wall-mounted, which gives you extra space underneath.

Looking for Bathroom and Kitchen Fixtures? Visit Us Today

Not only does updating and upgrading your space make you feel better, it adds value to your home in the event that you sell. Now that you’ve got a few things to think on, come in or call to chat with our expert staff at Caledon Tile to see how we can help get you your next bathroom kitchen and bathroom fixtures in the Brampton area. We are glad to offer porcelain tiles and walk-in tubs. Fill out our online form to learn more about our services and products


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