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Home Renovation Highlight: The Kitchen Backsplash

kitchen renovation

Kitchen renovation trends are ever changing and evolving. There are different colours, shapes and designs of backsplash available these days. Find out about different backsplash ideas and choose the one that suits you best. Caledon Tiles & Construction Specialties Limited has a variety of kitchen renovation options available, just for you. Our services include design and installation of quality kitchen products from trusted manufacturers. From flooring, porcelain tiles, walk-in tubs to kitchen and bathroom fixtures, we have it all. We can help you find the right tiles and backsplash for your kitchen.

10 Eye-Catching Backsplash Styles

1. Everyday Gray A splash of gray can light up any all-white kitchen. Irregular patterns of gray in a white backdrop can give your kitchen a stylish look. 2. Warm Blue Textured blue tiles when contrasted with rectangular accent tiles highlight the kitchen backsplash area, making it the focal point. 3. Moroccan Mirage Tiles with irregular patterns put together create the Moroccan tile backsplash. Patterns that are large-scale tend to create a much more relaxing and soothing atmosphere, while small-scale patterns lend energy to the space. 4. Nostalgic Brick The exposed brick look is trending even today. It gives a faded retro look making white countertops and cabinetry stand out. 5. Timeless White Kitchens that are all-white aren’t as popular as they were once. However, white kitchen backsplashes are still in demand. When paired with coloured cabinets, it looks sensational. 6. Natural Wood Wooden backsplashes (whether finished or natural wood) paired with a monochromatic background can help create a rustic farmhouse feel. A tinge of colour adds warmth to any space. 7. Subway Tile They have a dark grout which roots for a casual and contemporary look. You can opt for a white grout for an elegant vibe. This backsplash idea is gaining popularity these days. 8. Pitch Black Even though it might seem a bit risky, it has an appeal of its own. Experiment with tiles that have varying finishes to create the exact look you want. If you are looking for a sharp and modern kitchen, choose a uniform tile. 9. Glass Glory These tiles are light-weight and have a subtle appearance than porcelain. If you want an elegant backsplash, you should go for this. 10. Mosaic Wonders Retro and fashionable, these little tiles pop and make your kitchen look all the more appealing. You can choose from these incredible styles and find out the perfect fit to renovate your kitchen. If you have any trouble choosing between the different designs available, contact us. We’d be glad to help you out.


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