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New Trends in Bathroom Remodelling


Of all the rooms in your house, your bathrooms probably need renovation the most. Since bathrooms are always exposed to moisture and steam, they tend to require frequent renovations and upgrades. If you're going to remodel your bathrooms, use it as an opportunity to beautify the place with the best bathroom renovation ideas Brampton can provide. In this blog, we present several tips on the top bathroom remodelling trends available. Keep on reading to learn more!

Consider Warm Colors

In 2022, warm colours seem to be a staple in many bathroom renovations. More than ever, people want to capture a natural aesthetic in their homes, including their bathrooms.  There are several different ways to achieve this look. You can paint your walls a deep jungle green or replace your cabinets with mahogany models. Furthermore, nothing says natural, like adding some houseplants to the bathroom.

Use Statement Lights To Brighten the Atmosphere

Lighting plays an important role in creating the ambiance of the bathroom. The lighting system makes your bathroom look more elegant, charming and attractive. Statements lights are different than regular lights because they are decorative and can add a subtle yet vivid accent to your décor. You may have thought that statement light bulbs were reserved for the kitchen and living room, but now it is time for your bathroom to get in on the action too. The bathroom statement lights are the latest trend that is becoming popular day-by-day. For your bathroom renovation in Brampton, try adding hanging or coloured lights fixtures along the ceiling, which will bring a real sense of style and elegance to a traditionally bland room.

Get Creative With Your Sinks

These past few years have really brought about a complete redesign of sinks and their place in the bathroom. Trendy sinks now have intense colours, a glossy finish, or even abnormal shapes.  If you want to keep your sinks for a long time, we suggest sticking with more neutral colours. White, gray, and nude shades work with almost any look, including the natural one we've described earlier.  If you want your sink to complement the overall theme of your space, try to also maintain that décor in your hand soaps, rails, and towels. Each of these accents helps bring the aesthetic together into a cohesive whole.

Marble Is Back

Marble has returned to the style magazines! Your walls, tiles, tub, toilet, and mirror can all utilize marble. Don't feel like you have to stick with a classic black and white.  You can consider using several shades of marble in your bathrooms, from red and beige to black and silver. If you go with a marble look, make sure to provide enough contrast to pull off the look.

Bathroom Renovation in Brampton

Bathroom renovation is an integral part of any home improvement activity. An upgraded bathroom adds value to your home, improves its aesthetics and makes your life more comfortable. It is no doubt that the bathroom plays a significant role in your home. If you are looking for renovation experts to help upgrade your bathroom in Brampton and the surrounding areas, we’ve got you covered! Our team at Caledon Tile, Bath & Kitchen Centre can give you the bathroom of your dreams at an affordable cost. Check out our services today! 



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