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How Fixtures Help Make Your Bathroom a Showplace

bathroom fixture

Right plumbing fixtures, such as faucets or showerheads, can increase the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. Fixtures also play an important role in how your bathroom functions over time. If you are renovating your bathroom, choose fixtures that add value without you having to compromise on your budget. Count on Caledon Tile, Bath & Kitchen Centre for high-quality bathroom fixtures in Brampton. We have a wide selection of bath fixtures along with a variety of tiles, cabinets, wood and stone flooring. We also have been providing bathroom and kitchen renovations for residential and commercial projects since 1988.

Tips to Choose the Right Fixtures for Your Bathroom

Choosing the right fixtures along with a great design, style and finish will help make your bathroom a showplace. Here are some tips to consider before shopping for bathroom fixtures. 1. Faucet Faucets are available in several shapes and finishes. There are many factors to consider before selecting a faucet for your bathroom. Choose faucets that have integrated ceramic disks, which help prevent leaks by scraping off the buildup. Faucets are also known to contribute to a large amount of water wastage, so installing a high-efficiency faucet with reduced water flow can save a considerable amount of water. You can choose from a wide variety of faucet types available in the market, such as: · Single-hole faucets Ideal for small sinks and requires only one drilled sinkhole · Center-set faucets Ideal for most bathroom sinks and requires three predrilled holes · Widespread mounts Consists of three separate pieces - two handles and a spout · Wall mount This type of faucet saves counter space and is attached to the wall 2. Shower There are several factors to consider before selecting shower fixtures. You can also choose fixtures, such as knobs and showerheads, from a wide variety available. Some types of showerheads that you can choose are: · Standard Wall-Mount The standard wall-mounted showerhead is economical and comes in different design. It is directly attached to the shower elbow and is known for its simplicity. · Hand-Held Showerheads These have an additional reach and can be used for multiple tasks, such as bathing kids or pets. It is usually ideal for a family bathroom and works with existing plumbing. · Top-mounted Showerheads These showerheads are also known as rain showers and are installed in the ceilings to provide you with a drenching experience. Rain showerheads are easy for a major bathroom renovation or a new home as it will require plumbing upgrades. For ceilings that are too low, top-mount is an ideal solution. 3. Bathtub or Shower Stall Choose between a bathtub and a shower stall based on your preference and your bath area. For a bathtub, you can choose between free-standing tubs or a wall-mounted tub. With a shower stall, the choice you want to make depends on whether you are looking for a framed shower or a frameless one. With a wide variety of fixtures available, choosing the right fixtures is essential to help your bathroom stand out. Here are some additional tips to keep in mind before purchasing new fixtures: · Choose fixtures based on comfort and strength. Ensure the selected fixtures will last long · Consider the size of your bathroom before buying the fixtures · Select fixtures that complement your bathroom style Caledon Tile, Bath & Kitchen Centre provides sales and expert installation of bathroom fixtures. We also offer flooring options, porcelain tiles and walk-in tubs to our clients. Contact our expert staff for bathroom fixtures in the Brampton area.




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