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Get the Look of Wood Without the Hassle - The Porcelain Tile Wood Effect!

Renovated floor with porcelain wood tiles

One of the biggest new trends in home renovation in Caledon is porcelain tiles that look like wood. These unique tiles are capable of very closely mimicking the appearance of hardwood flooring but provide fantastic advantages its mimicked counterpart cannot. Not only does porcelain wood tile look like real hardwood, it can feel quite authentic underfoot as well. Manufacturers are capable of creating textured tiles with all of the rustic qualities of real wood, including grooves and pits. It's no easy task to tell apart porcelain wood tile from real wood!

Many growing families in Caledon have already connected with the team at Caledon Tile, Bath & Kitchen Centre for these reasons:

The “Wood” Porcelain Tile Advantages

Since hardwood and wood-look porcelain tile can provide a similar look and feel, comparing the two flooring options in terms of some additional factors can help you decide between them. Porcelain tile flooring in Caledon offers the following benefits over hardwood flooring. Durability Porcelain tile has much greater durability and scratch-resistance than hardwood flooring. With hardwood flooring, you need to take great care to make sure that it doesn't get damaged by furniture and foot traffic. Porcelain, on the other hand, can easily stand up to regular use. Less Maintenance Because it is so durable, porcelain tile requires very minimal maintenance. All you really need to do to keep porcelain wood flooring in good shape is give it a regular mopping. There's no need for any waxing, polishing, or sealing as with hardwood floors. Water resistance Hardwood floors are very susceptible to water damage. Moisture can cause them to swell, warp, or rot. Porcelain, because it has an absorption rate lower than 0.5%, won't suffer the same effects. Its water resistance makes it a great choice for bathrooms, kitchens, and patios. UV Resistance UV light can have a significant fading effect on hardwood floors over time, but this is not the case with porcelain wood tiles. You'll be able to keep your blinds open and enjoy your beautiful flooring at the same time for decades to come. Great for growing families All-in-all, porcelain wood tile is the better option for large or growing families, especially families with young children and pets. You won't have to worry about the floor getting scuffed or scraped as your little ones or animals play and run around, and you'll have an easier time cleaning the inevitable messes!

Upgrade Your Floors with Porcelain Tiles in Caledon

Porcelain tiles from Caledon Tile, Bath & Kitchen Centre are a fantastic alternative to hardwood and laminate flooring. We have been providing quality home renovation services and tile flooring in Caledon and Brampton for over 35 years. Visit our showroom and choose from our selection of porcelain wood tiles in a variety of different styles to get the look you want! To learn more about porcelain wood tile flooring options for your home, don't hesitate to contact Caledon Tile, Bath & Kitchen Centre today.


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