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Free-Standing Tubs: An Efficient Way to Create a Luxurious Space

Bathroom Renovation

Free-standing bathtubs are the latest trend in home designs. Previously, metal or copper tubs were the only available options. Now, the manufacturing process is far advanced and a wide range of complex designs are available to suit different budgets and bathroom spaces. Caledon Tile, Bath & Kitchen Centre can help you with bathroom renovations or design your new house.

Unique Features and Benefits Offered by Free Standing Tubs

You can walk around all four sides of a free-standing bathtub. They offer a vintage look and help create a style statement. They offer flexibility as you can place them anywhere in your bathroom, preferably close to a wall or the existing plumbing. Place it beside a window to gaze outside while taking a relaxing bath.

Create a lavish spa-like space with the correct design that matches the interiors of your bathroom and the one which is of the appropriate size. Here are four different styles of bathtubs you can choose from: 1. Contemporary Free-Standing Baths – These are designed to be the focal point of the bathroom and can be viewed from all sides. They are available in multiple designs and styles. They can directly sit on the ground or stand on a pedestal. 2. Back-To-Wall Free-Standing Baths – These have a long edge against the wall and offer a luxury feel. They are a good option if you cannot move your plumbing to accommodate a free-standing bath spout. Back-to-wall baths are practical and versatile. 3. Corner Free-Standing Baths – These are available in two versions: right hand and left hand. They are a good option if you are renovating your bathroom or have little space in your bathroom. 4. Clawfoot Free-Standing baths – These are available in traditional Victorian styles and can be a statement feature of your bathroom. These bathtubs are oval-shaped, with a rolled top and have four feet. A wide range of bath feet styles is available. Custom colour finishes and painting options are also available in certain bathtubs. Express yourself through paintings and get creative with the bathtub designs for dramatic bathroom renovations. To learn how to make your bathroom appear bigger, read our blog on custom frameless glass showers. The four types of free-standing baths mentioned above can be made from different materials. Opt for a material that suits the décor of your house. Some of the commonly used materials are: Stone – Stone baths are extremely durable. Stone is available in unique textures and rich colours. • Acrylic – Acrylic is lightweight, smooth and non-porous. • Metal – Metal baths add a traditional charm to your bathroom and are as durable as a stone bath. They help keep the water hot for a longer duration of time. • Solid Surface - Solid surface baths are available in different finishes such as matt or glossy. They can mimic acrylic or natural stone surfaces. Contact our office for a free estimate. Visit us to check out our collection of walk-in tubs, bathroom fixtures and bathroom renovation services.


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