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Cleaning Tips for Stone Tiles: Everything Homeowners Should Know

Stone tiles in a home look beautiful and can transform your interior. However, there are special tips to consider when cleaning natural stones.

Since stones are sensitive to products containing acid, it is crucial to take extra care when cleaning them. But how do you know the best way to clean stone tiles to remove dirt without compromising your tile's surface? To learn the best stone cleaning tools and how to use them, then keep reading. You'll learn how to get a deep clean using common household cleaners and without damaging your stone tiles.

Types of Stones

There are many different types of stones to choose from. How you clean your stone will depend on what type of tiles you have in your home. You may have travertine, granite, or limestone, to name a few. Other popular types of stones include sandstone, slate, and marble.

Stone Cleaning Tools

You may be wondering what types of tools you should use to clean stone tiles. Since the grout in between stone tiles can get dirty and caked with grime, it's best to use a grout scrubber to get your grout looking new again. Be sure to have a mop and steam cleaner handy. These are gentle on stone tiles but capable of removing stubborn messes such as food and mud.

How to Clean Stone Tiles

The best way to clean stone tiles is with soap and water. Look for detergents with mild ingredients and mix a few drops with warm water. This will help clean your stone tiles without damaging them. You can also opt to use special stone soap, made from vegetables. This is a non-toxic way of cleaning your stone tiles while preserving their integrity. In between moppings, be sure to clean your stone tiles daily. For floors, use a dry mop every day to wipe away dust and debris. If you spill something, clean it up as soon as possible. Try to cover high-traffic areas in order to prevent your stone floors from sustaining damage, as dirt can accumulate in chips and cracks. Be sure to avoid any cleaners with acid in them, including bathroom cleaners and cleaning agents designed to scrub the grout. Aim for all-natural products instead, such as mild soap and water. Once you've cleaned, be sure to dry them. Stone tiles left wet can cause mould and mildew to grow. Mould can cause many health hazards, so be sure to incorporate a drying process into your cleaning routine.

Stone Tiles for Every Style

No matter what your style is, there are stone tiles perfect for your home. They're an excellent addition to any home renovation and can revolutionize any room you place them in. Be mindful that stone tiles require special cleaning practices, in order to keep them looking new year after year. A little soap and water go a long way. Contact Caledon Tile today and let us help you with all your stone tile needs. Our quality artisanship and years of experience allow us to create the home renovation you've been dreaming of.


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