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5 Stone Mosaic Design Patterns to Add a Unique Visual Aesthetic to Your Space

Stone tiles

A unique stone tile mosaic can turn your ordinary space into a work of art. Mosaics perfectly fit into any space and make it more visually appealing. You can use stone tile mosaics to create custom backsplashes, accent walls and to highlight floors. You can also install mosaics on your walls and floors just like a decorative wallpaper or hanging piece of art. Unlike certain ceramic and glass tiles that are prone to cracking while used for flooring, stone tiles are sturdier and durable. For robust tiles, choose Caledon Tile, Bath & Kitchen Centre. We have been providing bathroom and kitchen renovation products, including stone tiles, since 1988. Go through some of our major projects including the Hilton Hotel, manufacturing plants and banks to understand the quality of our work.

Different Types of Mosaic Stone Tiles

Stone tiles mosaics can be created with diverse materials such as marble, travertine, granite and pebbles. Apart from offering unique natural colours, natural stone can be cut into different shapes and sizes to create a mosaic pattern. In addition to quarried stones, pebbles and stones are also a great choice to create mosaics. Acquire them, raw or polished, and use them in clusters or lay them out next to one another. Mix earthy tones to create a striking look. You can even use stone veneers for mosaic patterns. Available in thin (1”) and thick (3”-5”) types, each stone veneer piece is uniquely shaped.

Five Mosaic Design Patterns

You might find one mosaic pattern more appealing than the other. It completely depends on the beholder and the latest style trends. Yet, the following few designs are universally appealing and timeless: 1. Herringbone – You can use this to create a classic zigzag look. It can be used on floors, walls or even as a fireplace surround. 2. Brick Pattern – Use a single colour or a similar patterned tile and lay them horizontally. This method helps visually expand your room. 3. Accent Wall –Cover an entire wall with mosaics. You can also border your shower stall, create a pattern similar to a rug on the floor or surround your bathtub with shimmery mosaic tiles. 4. Checkboard Pattern – Use large tiles of contrasting colours or patterns and lay them like a checkboard. Such patterns provide a playful, graphic look to casual areas such as a playroom and kitchen. Black and white coloured marble tiles are always a classic combination. They offer multiple finishes and textures and no two tiles have exactly the same colouration and veining. 5. Mosaic With Scrap Tiles - You can use scrap or remnants of stone tiles to create stunning mosaics such as granite sidewalks. This budget-friendly way helps you add personality to your exterior landscaping. Set scrap stones or tiles in cement and use them as flooring in lobbies and garages. Always hire professionals to install stone tile mosaics as DIY stone tiles project might result in failures and costly errors. Professionals with proper tools can cut, polish and detail the stones effectively. Also, modern-day technology has made mosaic installation easy. Individual stones don’t have to be handplaced to create the desired pattern. The stones are initially mounted on a typical mesh and then installed. Contact us for our incredible selection of stone tiles. If you find it difficult to choose between various tile products, you can read our blog – ‘Ceramic vs. Porcelain vs. Stone Tiles - Which is Best for You?’ We also offer various flooring products, porcelain tiles and walk-in tubs.



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